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Job Title (Click for more information) Location Discipline Job Order
Administative Assistant , Administration TSG19-590
Mechanical Engineer , Mechanical TSG19-588
Project Engineer (Electrical) , Electrical, Project Engineer TSG19-589
Expeditor , Expeditor TSG19-587
Systems Integrator (Senior) , Instrumentation TSG19-576
Contracts Advisor , Advisor, Procurement TSG19-586
Buyer (Juniors) , Buyer TSG19-585
Document Control , Document Control TSG19-575
Project Manager (Mechanical) , Mechanical, Project Manager TSG19-579
Planner/Scheduler , Planner Scheduler TSG19-578
Project Engineers , Project Engineer TSG19-577
Field Supervisor (Mechanical Background) , Mechanical TSG19-573
Contract Administrator , Contracts Administrator, Procurement TSG19-572
Contracts Specialist , Procurement TSG19-571
Training Specialist , Business Administration, Communication Technology TSG19-570
Project Manager (Mechanical) , Mechanical, Project Manager TSG19-568
Procurement Specialist , Procurement TSG19-567
Project Administrator , Administration TSG18-566
Safety Administrator , Administration TSG18-565
Buyer , Buyer TSG18-561
Expeditor , Expeditor TSG18-563
Project Controls Specialist , Cost TSG18-562
Planner , Planner Scheduler TSG18-560
Accountant , Accounting TSG18-557
Instrumentation Specialist , Instrumentation TSG18-550
Project Manager (Electrical) , Project Manager TSG18-537
Procurement Specialist , Procurement TSG18-536
Electrical Engineer , Electrical TSG18-529
Pipe Stress Engineer , Mechanical, Piping TSG18-528
Mechanical Engineer , Engineering, Mechanical TSG18-525