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Fraud Notice

TSG is aware that in rare cases some individuals are exploiting job advertisements on certain job boards. TSG uses the services of a select few job boards to post for active job positions with only TSG branded job ads. All TSG positions will be posted to our official website under the Job Opportunities section. If you have suspicions about anyone contacting you using the TSG Staffing Services name, please call the TSG mainline phone number to verify the person contacting you is from our company.

  • TSG only communicates with email domains ending in @tsgstaffing.ca. We do not use Hotmail, Outlook, Gmail or any other free or paid email service domains.
  • We do not have operations or phones numbers from outside of Canada.
  • TSG will never collect a fee related to anyone seeking employment in any form. Examples include but are not limited to; applying to a job position, seeking help to find a job, or for being hired for a job.
  • TSG will never ask applicants to provide a deposit, send a cheque, to wire money or deal with anything related to bitcoin.
  • TSG will never ask you to obtain a paid credit check in order to apply for a TSG position.
  • We follow all applicable government labour standards and regulations.
  • TSG will never ask you to pay for or download software programs or apps.
  • Before releasing personal information, employment information, or banking information, you can verify the information is being submitted to a TSG employee buy contacting us from the information provided on our website.
  • If you believe you have been a victim of a scam, please call the Police or contact the Canada Anti-Fraud Center.