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Frequently Asked Questions

Here are some answers to a few of your frequently asked questions.

TSG specialises in the recruitment of Technical Personnel, Contingent Payroll Services and Contingent Workforce Management (CWM) for contract and permanent positions. Read more about what we do.

TSG has been in business since 1981.

Our headquarters is located in Edmonton Alberta. With the ongoing global pandemic, our staff continue to work from home.

TSG works with clients in the Mining, Chemical, Oil and Gas, Energy, Transportation, Utilities, Manufacturing, Construction, and Maintenance

TSG places individuals for both contract and permanent positions.

TSG is not a publicly traded company.

No, there is no fee to an applicant.

TSG placements include permanent, temporary-to-permanent and temporary roles.

Every day our highly trained recruiters examine all of the recently received resumes and attempt to match them with current job openings that we have available. If they believe that your background is suitable for one of the positions, they will contact you in order to conduct a preliminary interview and obtain more detailed information.

Never. TSG never distributes resumes without first receiving permission from the applicant. If we believe that your resume is suitable for one of our positions, we will contact you to give you more details and receive your consent to submit your resume to our client.

Most professional contracts last approximately 1 year, but are generally no less than three months and can go as multiple years or more. Lengths of assignment will vary based on the Client Company’s needs or internal requirements.

All contractors are paid on a bi-weekly schedule, please see the current Pay Schedule posted in the Payroll Schedule section of our website.

The length of time varies depending on your skills and current market conditions; therefore, it is difficult to give an approximate time frame.

Do not worry. This is a very common occurrence and something that the recruiters at TSG are accustomed to handling.  All communication is done in a discrete manner and our recruiters will work with you to determine the best way to contact you – whether it be during the work day or in the evening.

After posting a new advertisement online, most major companies are flooded with potential applicants and candidates. It is possible that your resume will get lost in the mix. By applying through us, you can be sure that the client will look at your resume as the recruiters at TSG always deliver the top possible candidates for the job in question. By having TSG represent you, you are immediately putting yourself in front of the line.