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Our Recruitment Process


The first step in the recruitment process is to prepare and gather the information required for a new job opportunity.

  • Acquire the requirement specifics like skills, roles of the candidate, type of person
  • Prepare a job description
  • Communicate with colleagues

Our Recruitment Process


After all the details have been discussed it is time to find that great candidate.

  • Resume searching and screening
  • Pre phone screens and interviews
  • A list of suitable candidates

Our Recruitment Process


Once the top candidates have been presented the recruiter and hiring manager make their selections.

  • Present candidates
  • Select candidates for interviews
  • Conduct interviews

Our Recruitment Process


After all the hard work of searching, screening and interviewing, it is now time to hire that candidate.

  • Recruiter and hiring manager make finial selections
  • Agree on hiring terms
  • Complete reference checks and any testing requirements

Our Recruitment Process


Once the candidate and hiring manager have agreed to all the terms it is time to prepare them for the new position.

  • Sign contract and required forms
  • Review all hiring material and sign-up package
  • Preparation for the first day of work


Our Recruitment Process

Workforce Management

This is the ongoing operations and working relationships with our contractors.

  • Timesheet collection and payroll
  • Compliance and policy management
  • Relationship building

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TSG Staffing Services?

Welcome to TSG Staffing Services, where we pride ourselves on the service we deliver and exceptional people we work with.

TSG specialises in the recruitment of Technical Personnel, Contingent Payroll Services and Contingent Workforce Management (CWM) for contract and permanent positions

Our values

Our Core Values & Mission

We are committed to providing the best talent available to our clients. We want to earn and strive to maintain the trust of our clients, contractors and staff, and we will be diligent and effective on their behalf.

We work ethically and with integrity.

We want to be worthy of the trust and respect of our clients, contractors and staff.

People can count on us.

We search for the talented individuals that best fit our clients’ project needs.

We provide outstanding service.

We are absolutely committed to being responsive, diligent, and effective on behalf of our contractors and clients.

We work to maintain our financial success

We focus on business growth and consistently work toward the sustainable, long-term profitability of our business.