Technical Support Group Staffing Services LTD.
Benefits of Contract Hiring

Many companies are unaware of the benefits of hiring on a contract basis. Potential benefits include:

…Providing a Link
Contract employment allows both parties to evaluate their compatibility and suitability for a longer term working relationship. Most contract assignments lead to permanent employment.

…Flexibility & Choice
Contract employment addresses project hiring needs, business cycles and manpower peaks. It gives you the flexibility to hire the talent you want when you need it.

…Saving Time and Money
Hiring contract employees through Technical Support Group allows you to maintain focus on your key business activities rather than spending valuable time on recruiting efforts. You will also minimize costs on administrative burdens & associated costs.

…Creating a Buffer
Hiring on a contract basis provides an arms-length relationship and minimizes employer responsibilities such as wrongful dismissals, severances, mandatory deductions, and taxations among other liabilities.