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Format of Resumé File
Your Resumé Should Include
Your Resumé Should Not Include
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 Format of resumé file:    

We prefer that resumés be submitted in Microsoft Word Document (.doc or .docx) format because it loads quickly and is easy to read, which makes finding possible candidates the ideal job fast and simple.    

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 Your resumé should include:    

I  Contact Information:    

  • Full Name
  • Address
  • City, Province, Postal Code
  • Home Phone Number
  • Mobile and/or Work Number
  • Email Address

II  Objective:    

     i) Make clear what you want to achieve or accomplish.    

III  Personal History:    

  • Experience Summary
        i) Summarize your resumé
        ii) This is simply a condensed version of your job experience
        iii) You may include the number of years experience from significant positions you had
  • Education  
      i) College and/or University
       ii) May include training courses
       iii) Place your most recent education at the top of the list
  • Professional Memberships/Affiliations
  • Employment History   
     i) Must include:  
          a – Company’s name and Location of work (ex. Edmonton, Alberta) 
          b – Job title 
          c – Dates of employment (ex. 2000 – Present) 
          d – Duties/Responsibilities/Projects worked on 

IV  References:    

  • Include a list of 3 or 4 work-related references
  • Include the following information for each reference:    
    i) Full name and Company  
    ii) Title 
    iii) Contact phone number and Email 

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 Your resumé should NOT include:   

  • Opinions on your own skills
  • Personal interests (unless they pertain to the jobs you apply for)
  • Personal information (ex. marital status, religion)

Though some of the following devices may add to the effect of your resumé’s appearance, please do not incorporate them in the resumé that you have done in Microsoft Word.    

  • Tables
  • Columns
  • Headers / Footers
  • Graphic Images
  • Text Boxes
  • Password Protected Documents

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Additional useful advice:    

I    Appearance is Everything    

  • Check for spelling/grammar errors
     i) Use the spell-check feature on your computer
     ii) Have someone else review your resumé
     iii) Reread the resume for missing words

II   True or False    

  • Do not create false information on your resumé
  • Employers may verify your information and deception will not get you the job

III  Do Not Make Excuses    

  • Do not include reasons that you are no longer working at a job
        i) Phrases like, “Needed to make more money” or “Boss did not know what he was doing,” do not belong on a resumé. 

IV  No Extra Information    

  • Do not include information such as:   
     i) Transcripts  
     ii) Letters of recommendation 
     iii) Awards 
     iv) Publications 
  • Exception: If you are asked to bring those specifics with you to an interview

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More resumé tips:   

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